Shiwe Smartblack Mampondo

Shiwe Smartblack Mampondo is an international poet, musician and stylist. He is the co-founder of a sartorial movement called Amaroto. In 2014 he made his international debut in the UK, with a song called Vuka. He previously worked with Markhams on their winter range, and with GQ magazine [on ?]. He has performed on numerous major stages, including Uthungulu Festival, RapIfact, Poet In A Suit and CSP, to name a few. He previously co-ordinated a Two Men Poetry Show called Elalini and Amaroto Poetry And Fashion Festival. Earlier this year he released a Poetry Ep Called Kumnyama, which Is available on all digital platforms. The EP includes a Soulbhaqanga single called Angiyindawo. On the 7th of July this year he also stagd his successful One Man Poetry Show called “Mampondo One Man Poetry Show”.