Raheem Kemet

A seasoned Durban artist in the true sense, Raheem Kemet is a South African songwriter, poet, beatboxer, entrepreneur and an acclaimed lyricist with over 16 years in the music industry – backed by an artist arrangement with Sony Music Africa from 2017 till 26 Feb 2022.

Raheem is now ready to embark on a new independent venture as a music entrepreneur with an elaborate array of knowledge gathered from working with a major industry giant such as Sony Music Africa. He leaves no bridges burned and no stone unturned. Youthful yet socially conscious, with foresight into new sounds and trends, Raheem has emerged as an innovative African artist. Crafting a signature style that is a distinct blend of musical genres. With roots in poetry and spoken word, Raheem Kemet sheds light on his journey with experiential accounts and relatable thoughts on uniquely urban African themes.

“Yeah, I don’t fit into any particular box per say. I just want to create good music that I’m proud of, more importantly I wanna tell and portray my story in my very own unique way. Skies the limit yet i have to kiss the depths of mother earth first with these words”