Masai Sepuru

Masai Sepuru is a visual and a performing artist practicing in 5 disciplines of the arts. This includes writing, painting, set design, directing, and performing. Masai is a founder and curator of the poetry showcases program ‘The writing on the wall’, putting up to 12 showcases featuring poets from across the country.
Masai did research on the influence jazz artists in South Africa had on the dismantling of Apartheid, then went on to give a poetry lecture on this. Masai has organised workshops and performances with poetry organisations such as, Scribe Rite, Poetoria, Blue Pulse, Black Suburbia and Mzansi Poetry Academy.
Masai Sepuru is a Tshwane University of Technology graduate. He obtained his diploma in 2015; then furthered his studies to get his bachelor’s degree in 2017
Joburg arts live slam 2020 champion
Tshwane Speak out Loud 2018-2019 champion
Word N Sound 2018 champion
Speak child 2017 champion
Masai has displayed his work in theatres across South Africa, comprising of South African State Theatre, The Market Theatre, The Joburg Theatre, The Tx Theatre to name a few. He was the guest performer in the 2019 and 2020 Basha Uhuru festival, Jazzuary.FM, Busboys, World of Words and Poets. In 2020, he was also one of the guest performers in the annual Poetry Africa festival.
Masai Sepuru is Awesome