Mana Bugallo

Mana Bugallo is an Argentinian performance poet, singer, and writer based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her work combines poetry, satire, and music and is now focused on the individual and collective consequences of living the myth of normal.


Her approach to writing and performing is similar to a time traveler who goes back and forth trying not to touch anything, interfering as little as possible but failing in the right amount. Her brain is a dangerous neighborhood so she has the precaution of never going in alone. She brings her friends and her ghosts along the ride. “If the past is a field, I will plow it”, said the essential Gabo Ferro, words Mana hears every time she grabs pen and paper.

She has performed at poetry and comedy festivals, book fairs, and basements in Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.


Mana won her first Slam in Buenos Aires in 2012 and quickly became part of the group that organized slams in different cities in Argentina, helping to spread the art of spoken word and storytelling. She participated in the International Slam of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in two slams in the legendary Nuyorican Cafe, New York, the Geneva Slam in Switzerland, and the International Slam of Lisbon, Portugal.


She’s a founding member of the poetry and music duet Boca de Buzón (2015), with Paula Maffia, and the artistic collective Sucede (2012), a group that later developed a tv series and two live shows.


Mana is currently a member of the selection panel at CIMIENTOS, a play development program of the IATI Theatre for the second year. She was part of the 2019 cohort of EMERGENYC, the Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program of performance and politics.


She performs regularly in New York and Buenos Aires. She presented Dónde her last one-person show in Buenos Aires before the pandemic and is developing her new one El País de Las Cosas in English and Spanish.


Mana independently published her only book Muchacho in 2015.