Lydol, whose real name is Nwafo Dolly Sorel, was the first female slammer to be nominated for the Prix Découverte RFI. She has made a name for herself and her discipline, slam, in Cameroon and in Africa. Recently invited to perform during the visit of the President of the Republic of France to Cameroon and to make the tracklist of Singuila’s album Docteur Love, she has two albums in her discography, Slamtherapie with 14 tracks, Hybride with 16 tracks and several singles.


Followed by more than 800,000 fans on social media, and selected IN the Slam category at MASA 2022, she continues to tour the African and European stages, while organising the PluriElles and Slam’Up festivals. She is president of the association SHEroes, which helps and accompanies women and young girls who are victims of violence.


She is the winner of many slam and poetry competitions and she represents Cameron at prestigious international festivals. However, it was her performance on “L’Afrique a un incroyable talent” that made her known to the general public.


As a multi-talented artist, she now also adds other disciplines to her performances. She embodies her texts in a theatrical way, and sometimes sings them. A capella or accompanied by musicians, she does not hesitate to dance on stage. This is a way of popularising slam to other audiences and of getting out of the narrow confines of the intimate spaces usually reserved for spoken poetry.


Lydol’s artistic approach is coupled with an educational ambition. As a doctoral student in economics, the artist does not forget the younger generation. The writing workshops Science slam Cameroon and Style haut à stylo lead her to coach new writers.