Kwanele Nyembe

Kwanele Nyembe is a Durban-based poet, writer, actor, and dancer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Performance Arts and Media and Cultural studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He is now pursuing his Honours degree in Drama and Performance Arts at the same institution. He facilitated writing and performance workshops and organised and hosted monthly shows called In My Own Voice. He is also the Co-Founder of Sink or Swim Podcast, a platform that serves as a media outlet for Durban-based performing artists to talk about their work and introduce to the world the person behind it. As a performer, he has worked with the Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria together with Hear my Voice, which curated a virtual series that incorporated creatives from different art sectors, including fashion, literature, music, spoken word, media, government, and academia, for co-learning, adapting to change and support during the peak of the Covid pandemic. It is not the first time he has participated in the Poetry Africa slam jam competition. He was the runner-up in 2018 and Slam Jam champion in 2019. In the subsequent year, he was selected as an honorary poet for the 2020 Poetry Africa festival as part of the New Voices Segment, which was held virtually due to Covid-19. That year he was elected to be part of the judging panel for the 2020 slam jam competition.