Bradley Arendse

I was born in Malmesbury on 19 November 1983, about seventy kilometres north of Cape Town. Raised by a strong woman who did what she had to keep us going. Today I am married with a family of my own and enjoy my second chance at life after receiving a kidney transplant in November 2019.


I live my life day by day and face challenges as they come. I started writing at a young age, obviously love letters as I was a very shy guy. Portraying my feelings and myself on paper boosted my confidence and kind of worked out for me. Along the years I`ve come to learn that the best way to express myself is by words through poetry. Apart from staying fit and enjoying life to the fullest, poetry is my great escape from reality and gives me a sense of completion after every last verse I write. Sharing my life experience gives ma purpose and being blessed with the ability to transform words into feeling is a privilege and honour.


I write as I live, day by day. I share words with feeling and empathy so that others can relate. Having a near death experience with end stage renal disease really gave me a new perspective on things. Growing up poor made me humble and respectful towards life, made me realize, it`s the little things in life that matters.


I live, I love, I laugh, I write.


I am Bradley Arendse a poet, a writer, a father and a husband.


One day of good memories, can lead to a lifetime of joy.”-Bradley Arendse