Xabiso Vili

About Xabiso Vili

Xabiso Vili is an award-winning performer, writer, new media artist, producer and social activist. His writings explore his inner world to relate to the outer world. He is the champion of multiple slams and was Poet of the Year for 2014 and 2015.

Xabiso has been published in various anthologies and also online. He has performed throughout the Southern Africa Development Community region, as well as in Scotland, England, the U.S, India and Paris. He strongly believes that art influences his community positively and is constantly working towards creating alternative stages for art to be shared.

Xabiso is currently involved in researching and creating methodology for how the process of writing can be used as a tool for therapy and healing.  He runs writing, performance and event organising workshops and has assisted in producing other award-winning writers and performers. He has also worked with various abandoned spaces in Pretoria and converted them into art hubs.

Xabiso released his album “Eating My Skin” in 2016, created with Favela Ninjas, and in 2017 his one-man show “Black Boi Be” toured extensively to critical acclaim.  “Laughing In My Father’s Voice” (2018)  is his first collection of poems and he has co-authored a Young Adult novella, “The Deep State Interchange”, released in 2021.

In 2019 he was awarded the Digital Lab Africa Web Creation Prize, and created a digital art exhibition called “Re/Member Your Descendants” using Augmented Reality to ask the question of what kind of ancestor you would become. This premiered in Paris at the NewImages Festival at Forum Des Images alongside his first Projection Mapping installation called “Chosi Chosi” which was projected onto the façade of the Saint-Eusatche Church – also a result of his residency at Cité Internationale Des Arts.