Weronika Lewondowska

About Weronika Lewondowska

Weronika M. Lewandowska is a Polish spoken word poet, performer and VR director.  She holds a PhD in cultural studies and is a researcher of new media and immersion experiences. Weronika lectures in creative writing and transmedia art at the University SWPS and in design trends at School of Ideas in Warsaw.

Her spoken word verse rises beyond linguistic barriers. Weronika has hypnotized a multilingual audience many times, performing her melodic and sensual Slavic poetry and performative projects at the most important spoken word and poetry events all over the world. She experiments with interdisciplinary and performative forms of poetry, connecting language with synaesthetic metaphors produced by sound and visual actions.


Weronika is a director, screenwriter and executive producer of VR Nightsss exerience – a virtual erotic poem premiered at Sundance Film Festival and awarded for The Best Sound Design at Cinequest Film & VR Festival in 2021. Her spoken word poem Noccc, was a starting point for the script of VR Nightsss. It was also translated into 13 languages and presented in over 20 countries, on three continents. The poem was also part of the exhibition The Liberated Voice – Sound Poetry at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which presented the most important phenomena and compositions of sound poetry in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Strongly linked to the international spoken word and poetry slam scene, she has presented her poems at the most important spoken word and poetry events in Poland and abroad: Žižkovská Noc in Praha, BBC Contains Strong Language Festival in Hull, Performance Crossings vol.0 | performance art festival in Praha, Milosz Festival in Krakow, Flupp Rio de Janeiro, Festivāls Urban Poetry Ryga, Ordsprak Uppsala International Poetry Festival, Reims Slam d’Europe –to name but a few. On a regular basis she leads workshops on spoken word, literary performances and transmedia, and immersive digital storytelling.