Natalia Molebatsi

About Natalia Molebatsi

Natalia Molebatsi is a pan-African feminist and poet, writer, MC and recording artist. Her cds include Natalia Molebatsi & the Soul Making (2015) and Come As You Are: Poems for Four Strings (2013).She is the editor of We are: A Poetry Anthology (Penguin
books, 2008) and Wild Imperfections: An Anthology of Womanist Poems (forthcoming from Penguin Random House and Cassava Republic Press, 2021). She is the author of Sardo Dance (Ge’ko, 2009) and Elephant Woman Song (Forum, 2017)). Her academic writing is included in, among other journals, Scrutiny2Rhodes Journalism ReviewAgendaMuziki and the National Political Science Review. Natalia has performed poetry and presented creative writing workshops in over 15countries globally. She is currently a PhD student at Northwestern University.