Musicologist and doctor of philosophy, Narcisse, worked for a long time as an IT specialist before he discovered slam poetry. Since 2013, he has made a living from his art.


Narcisse was the winner of the French slam championship in 2013, and in 2014, he created a new show “Cliquez sur j’aime”, which won the Special Jury Prize at Le Mans Cité Chanson and played for 3 weeks at the Avignon Festival.


He worked on a 3 week cultural project in Burkina Faso (2016),  was declared Godfather of the 2017 National slam in Madagascar, and won the International Slam competition in Cyprus (2018).  He also created a new show, “Toi Tu Te Tais”, which played at the Avignon Festival and the Théâtre Trévise in Paris.


Narcisse has taught at the Swiss Literature Institute in Bienne, and was invited to the Poetry on the Road Festival in Bremen (2020) and the Planetarium Poetry Fest in Brussels (2021).  His video “Ils Soignent” for Swiss National Television has over a million views on social networks. He recently led a project with 4 slam poets for the 75th anniversary of the Swiss Embassy in Canada.