Maria Escriva

About Maria Escriva

Maria Josep Escrivà (born in El Grau de Gandia, 1968) is the author of six books of poetry; the last three of which have been significant in her career for several reasons.


With “Flors a casa” (2007), she won the Jocs Florals de Barcelona Prize and the title of Poet of the City.   “Serena barca” (2016) won the 2017 Valencian Writers’ Critics Award, and “Sempre és tard” (2020) won the Miquel de Palol de Girona Prize and later was awarded the Catalan Poetry Critics Prize.


Maria is the author of narrative books for readers of all ages, such as “Àngels de nata” (2013), “L’Home del Capell de Palla” (2017) and “Tenda d’animals” (2018).  Her poems have been included in several anthologies in Italian, French and English. In the latter you can read a sample of her poetry in Women Writers in Catalan (Raig Verd, 2017).

She has published numerous articles of literary criticism in various media and directs a collection of poetry at Edicions 96, the Valencian publishing house where she works.