Lakhiyia Hicks

About Lakhiyia Hicks

Lakhiyia; a public health cultural shapeshifter and freedom art alchemist, inviting us to remember who we are. Depending on our community needs at hand, this may mean masquerading as a spoken word poet, participatory action researcher, singer, director, dancer, curriculum developer, kuringa/joker, or educational curator drawing forth leadership wrapped in y/our radical authenticity;  you name it.

Lakhiyia holds a Bachelors from Northwestern, a Masters from USC, and has years of lecturing at UCLA, Portland University, and Northwestern University.  Pedagogy/Theatre of the Oppressed grounds Lakhiyia’s feet with deep roots in multidisciplinary means for being the fact of our freedom in a world designed to systematically undermine our birthright to belonging.

Growing up Blxck, Queer, GenderFREE and Bible-Belted in the U.S. Midwest, Lakhiyia means “home” in isiXhosa and Haitian Creole. The voice of “Sermon I Wish I’d Heard” and “Passing Straight”, Lakhiyia is the founding Host for HOMEplxce, an educational and business consulting space committed to Self-determined Intergenerational Wealth Creation as a practice of Economic and Transformative Healing Justice:

“Wealth @HOMEplxce envisions abundance well beyond financial freedom. We understand the assignment. The intention is global intergenerational self-determinism, reclaiming time, energy, and power in both directions of our lineages–all through process-oriented, communal, liberation art-making. We’re mobilizing one million Survivors of childhood sexual abuse as Liberation Arts Community Health Strategists across the Blxck Queer Diaspora. Come. Meet HOMEplxce at the intersections of Love and Freedom. Welcome to the Healing Vortex, Sibz!”