Kissy Abeng

About Kissy Abeng

Kissy Abeng’s stage name is Dark Spirit. She is the director of the National Pôle Slam in Cameroon and the presenter of Nda Slam, which she created in 2011, together with her slam friends Faithfull and Rodrigue Ndzana. Abeng was also the first National Slam champion in Cameroon.

For the past four years, she has been the coordinator of the Oral Literature branch (Slam, theatre, and poetry) at Unifac (the Arts and Culture University Competition) organized by MINESUP. She does not forget her roots, as to this day, she supports the slam scene as President of the Jury of 237 Paroles Collective during the Slameroun and the Grand Slam National. As the head of several slam clubs, this political journalist and mentor runs her own Club, which, in her own words, “will definitely take over”. Abeng is shy by nature, but on stage the real beast in her comes out.