Khanyi Shusha

About Khanyi Shusha

Born and breed in a small Town of Umkomaas, Khanyi Shusha has proven to be a Lantern of Hope for all Young Girls from Small Towns to Dream Bigger then their Backgrounds.


This Dynamic Artist holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Psychology and Industrial Psychology,and Studied Drama and Performance at the University of Kwazulu Natal for 2,5years.

She is not just a Poet but an Artist and Sangoma. Having done Acting/Script Writing/Poetry and Drama Facilitation/ Fashion Styling and Design. She Owns a Creative Company- Khanyi Shusha Creations and a Spiritual Consultation Business .

She has performed in various stages alongside Legendary Poet’s and Artists. She is currently working with Indigenous Arts Activist Victor Sithole on a Project Called Umzizima, which aims to expose young people across South Africa of the wealth and opportunities possible through Indigenous Music, And Writing an Anthology and Play Titled -Traces of God.

Art Is Life