Hazel Tobo

About Hazel Tobo

Hazel Tobo is a self-taught author, a performance poet,  photographer, graphic designer, and an entrepreneur running her own brand of clothing (Thomo Apparel) and a multimedia company (Inked Pupil Media).


Born in Tembisa and raised in the warm city of Polokwane, she first fell in love with the stage during the days of Bwarf and Kgorong Poetry and Sound, and then joined Shindig Awe, a multicultural and multigenerational art hub based in Haenertsburg.


Hazel is the proud author of two books; one a self-published poetry collection titled  “My Broken Azania” launched in 2015 on her book tour from Limpopo through to  KwaZulu-Natal.  Thereafter she found a new genre of literature, publishing her second book “Psych Ward Blues” in 2016; an autobiographical novella narrating her journey as she found herself in a heavy state of depression and learnt to fight through it.  The writing of this novella was her healing process, with the act of writing always being a place of refuge and strength.


Hazel has featured in projects such as “Poetic Blues” 2016 and 2020 poetry anthologies, “Shindig Awe” CD, book and documentary, Poetry Potions’ Next Generation Poetry collection, “Poetry is not a Luxury”, Poetry Potions’ “This Woman Is”, “21 Poems”, Badilisha Online Poetry and Bozza.mobi’s “Current State of Poetry”
online poetry project.