Aziz Siten’K, a key figure in the Malian cultural milieu.

Artist Aziz Siten’K is one of the precursors of the slam movement in Mali. He is the most imposing slammer in Mali. He made the launch of his first album of 16 titles entitled “TOUNGA” (which means adventure) in June 2011, five years after the artist made the official launch of his second opus of 14 titles, entitled “DUNGARE” (Mirror) February 2016. Three years later he prepares a one-hour slam show which bears the name of this album “DUNGARE” (Mirror).

Aziz Siten’k (to read SITINKA) whose real name is Abdoul Aziz KONE, Bambara Dioula was born in Abidjan-Port Bouet in Ivory Coast, on May 05, 1986. On September 16, 2005, he left Ivory Coast after obtaining his baccalaureate in Language and Literature at the Municipal High School of Port Bouet in June 2005, to venture to his homeland, Mali. Aziz Siten’K returned to Bamako on September 18, 2005, then resided in Senou for a month before settling in Lafiabougou with the KANTE family (my host family). That same year His meeting with a Senegalese-Malian rapper artist Balla KONARE (BK) and his former Malian manager Sauti Labass HAIDARA enabled him to learn music writing. Long before this meeting, Aziz Siten’K was present in the world of Ivorian showbiz through the entertainment of small popular musical evenings (wôyô) that is Zouglou. The artist’s turn into slam is quite surprising. Aziz Siten’K was seduced by this art for the first time by following the declamations of a slameuse in a program on RFI. Impressed by slam, the artist is now making it his favorite art. Considering Aziz Siten’K’s passion for Slam; In 2006 his rapper friend BK today a great slammer in Senegal introduced him to Bouba chaman the president of the association of slammers of Mali (ASLAMA), that’s how Aziz Siten’K joined the first association of Slam in Mali as an active member. Other active members of ASLAMA were Mic Mo Lion, Bouba Chaman; Virginia; Pheno… ASLAMA was created after a writing workshop led by a slammer (Rouda) from the Collectif 129H de France; during the international book festival called Festival Etonnant Voyageurs. She was coached by cultural entrepreneur Igo DIARRA.

Very daring and jealous; the artist decides to give Mali his own slam festival; with the agreement of his Nigerian slammer friend Jhonel; in 2014 Aziz duplicates the Fish. He calls his festival FISH Mali (International Festival of Slam and Humor of Mali). (

Today initiator and artistic director of the project, International Festival of Slam and Humor of Mali (FISH MALI), the slammer did his graduate studies at the University of Bamako and at the Higher School of Technology and Commercial Studies ( HETEC), in Mali. He has a master’s degree in unilingual English, a professional license in Corporate Communication and Advertising and a Master 2 in Communication and Human Resources Management. After several internships without jobs; all these experiences have matured in him the spirit of entrepreneurship and the desire to succeed in his chosen field of slam. In communion with his cultural association Agoratoire which is a member of the KYA network, Aziz Siten’K created the cultural center “Maison Agoratoire:‘ Formation; art; culture and communication “” whose objective is to provide an educational and fun environment for young people to learn and create artistically. In Mali and in the sub-regions, the Maison Agoratoire is the first cultural center which gives a great showcase, particularly to Slam.

He created the slam class (educational learning of slam in schools and urban areas) and the national slam poetry competition – (Massa slam) each year the national champion participates in the world cup in Paris Soukouna DIARAFA is the 2020 national champion and every two years at the African Cup of poetry slam in an African country. The Bamako Slam Show (the monthly slam show in cultural spaces in Bamako) and The installation of local Agoratory slam clubs throughout Mali. With all these cultural actions Aziz Siten’K makes the Agoratoire association: the Agoratoire group. In 2016 he was decorated best slammer of Mali by MALI HIP HOP AWARD, that motivates him more, he does art in general and in particular the slam of his war bow: inclusion through art ‘ All Included By Art; he is convinced that art is a real engine of social inclusion. It doesn’t end there a lot of initiatives are underway.

Aziz Siten’K, called Ambassador of slam or SLAM BABA

To be up to the task, Aziz Siten’K quickly got to work. He followed musical capacity building courses for three years at the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and Multimedia Balla Fasséké Kouyaté in Mali, then also did a 45-day internship, focused on musical composition and performance at Northeastern University (Boston / Massachussetts / USA). Currently Cultural entrepreneur, manager, artist agent, president, general coordinator of the Agoratoire group association (Cultural actions: Festival FISH (, AgoraProd Studio Cheick Tidiane Seck, Massa Slam ..), Initiator and president of the organizing committee of Slam Awards, the artist addresses in these poetic declamations, subjects such as, childhood, school, peace, immigration, sanitation, social inclusion, human rights, l

education “I am sick” etc, Aziz Siten’K denounces the educational system of his country which is not in conformity with cultural values.

Imposing Slameur in Mali, Aziz Siten’K manages to boost the slam thanks to his initiatives and his consistency, because, according to him, “Mali is a country of orality, we have lived the slam for centuries and generations through the griots and the Kuman DOSSO (the word hunters) ”.

Despite this asset, the author has no shortage of ideas for propelling this musical art further. Aziz Siten’K’s passion and many actions around the world for this musical genre made him the ambassador of Slam.

He has participated in several festivals and cultural projects around the world including:

– International Festival of Slam and Humor (FISH GONI) Niger 2012; 2013

– International Festival of Slam and Humor of Mali (FISH MALI) from March 17 to 22, 2014; 2015 ; 2016; 2017; 2018, 2019 in Bamako.

– Project “A BOOK FOR TWO HANDS” educational workshops on slam between students from Mali and France 2012; 2013; 2015

– Spoken Word Project with the Goethe Institute and German-Malian cultural center in 2014 in Abidjan and Mali

– Poetry africa festival, in October 2014 in Durban, South Africa

– EHALAKASA Poetry festival, in September 2015 in Accra, Ghana

– N’djam ignites in Slam festival, from March 22 to 26, 2016 in N’Djamena, Chad.

– Felix poetry festival from June 4 to 11, 2016 in Anwers, Belgium.

– Participation in the international summit of La Francophonie in Madagascar in November 2016

– International Hip Hop Festival Enjaillement 2014; 2015 in ivory coast

– Abidjan International Slam Festival (BABI SLAM) 2017; 2018; 2019.

– Voice4thought Festival September 2016 and 2017; 2018 in the Netherlands

– Valencia International Slam Festival; July 2018 in France

– International Festival Selingué 2017, 2018 in Selingué

– Guinea Conakry International Slam Festival in April 2018

– Festival sur le Niger 2018 and 2019 in Ségou

– The NOW US Social Inclusion Grand Prize! Organized by VOICE and Partos. 2018

– Slam OPEN MIC with the association SLAMEKE, May 2019 in Belgium

– He is expected at the Acadian International Slam Festival; in October 2019 in Moncton / CANADA.

– International Festival of Arts Markets and Spectacles of Abidjan (Masa), in March 2020

– Festival international de slam en Acadie, intercalary edition, in February 2021

– International festival of slam and humor (FISH) Mali, March 2021 female edition, cultural resilience