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Oct 12 2021


7:00 pm

Visualising Poetry: Illuminating the Words

Moderator: Valma Pfaff

Participants: Jayesperi Moopen, Debra Watson, Malika Ndlovu, ​​​​Sihle Ntuli, Xabiso Vili, Gubhela, Amitabh Mitra

Many artists had to reinvent their strategies during the pandemic and look for creative ways to reach new audiences. Also poets initiated innovative projects and partnered with other artists to be heard in the digital highway full of algorithms.


During this session, we will screen a collaboration between Jayesperi Moopen from Tribhangu Dance Company and poets Malika Ndlovu, Sihle Ntuli, Xabiso Vili and Ghubela. Coming from the UK, we will screen three poetry films by Debra Watson


After the screenings, a panel discussion will follow: What do you see when you hear a poem? Does it disintegrate one’s imagination to visualise a poem, or does it add value? In this session, these makers reflect on their inspirations and processes, and, together with the Centre for Creative Arts, they look forward to the future. How can we initiate new projects in which we connect these artforms?