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Oct 11 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Light Between Pages | Online Book Launch

Dark days, we all have them, but how often do we openly grapple with our melancholy? How often do we acknowledge that living can be labour, and that the inheritances in our skin and space can, at times, diminish living to survival? Through their recently published books, our featured authors have done the work of sitting in the discomfort of darkness, to a point where they can write themselves, and others, towards light.


In this online session, the authors will delve into the intentions behind their work, and offer the audience a short reading from their literary works of art.


vangile gantsho will also lead our authors in a collective conversation around what it means to publish poetry in a consumer market – what challenges were faced and how did they circumvent them to be able to share their light with us.


Moderator: vangile gantsho
Poets: Michèle Betty (Dark Horse), Roy McFarlane (Living by Troubled Waters), Zama Madinana (Water and Lights), Khadija Heeger (Thicker Than Sorrow)