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Oct 14 2022


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Dialects of Justice | Online Poetry Reading

If you had to speak truth to power, what language would you use? Would you use your mother tongue, the one that power might not understand? Would you use the language that forced your mother off your tongue? Can you whip back the whip lashes that settled prose and poems in your mouth? What does one’s work look like after navigating all these tongue twists? The poets featured in this session have grappled with these questions, and through that process they have developed their engaging multi-lingual, multi-cultural, mixed-register repertoires.


We invited them to come together on our virtual stage and echo, respond to, engage with, interrogate and/or disrupt the framing theme of this year’s festival | Poetic (In)Justice: Voices That Breathe, Move and Transform.


Join us for a code-switching and cross-cultural engagement with the idea of justice, and its intersections with the way we speak it into concept and existence.

Host: Quaz Roodt

Featured Poets: Pralini Naidoo, Roy Mcfarlane(UK), Joice Zau (Angola), Julie Nxadi, Flow Wellington, Dshamilja Roshani (Iran / Germany)