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Oct 07 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Poetry Performance

The Poets Live On Stage is a cherished, popular and successful tradition of the 27-year-old Poetry Africa festival. Each evening features between four to six poets who hold the mic, go at their own pace, pitch their tone and turn language into a powerful expression. Unlike traditional theatre, where the audience remains passive, the rapport between poets and audiences during the Poets Live On Stage is dynamic. It is filled with playback lines from the audience, finger clicking, ululating, and a MC Host holds it to bring the entire audience and poets on stage together into an immersive experience.

Host: Quaz Roodt (SA)
Nhlakanipho Thabethe (Steel the Poet) (SA/DBN)
Rudy Francisco (US)
Sarah Lubala (DRC)
Aminata Bamba (Amee Slam) (Ivory Coast)
Raphael d’ Abdon (Italy/SA)
Indigene “Gene” Corefio (SA)