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Mafika Gwala Annual Lecture

In collaboration with SA History Online

Moderator: Omar Badsha

Keynote speaker: Imraan Coovadia

Panel: Betty Govender and Michael Chapman

The Mafika Gwala Annual Lecture started in 2015 as a collaboration between the College of Humanities at UKZN and South African History Online will be presented as a live-streamed panel discussion with a keynote speech by novelist, essayist and academic Imraan Coovadia titled “What the Left Forgot about the Left since Mafika Gwala”? Coovadia will speak about what was original and necessary in the left perspective of Gwala and others, and why they combined poetry and political activism, and what has disappeared in today’s left in South Africa with its emphasis on statism and racial quotas and the defence of mob violence.


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Oct 11 2021


5:00 pm