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An Act of Sustained Poetic Meditation: Part I | Online Book Launch

To begin our meditative journey, each poet will offer us a short reading from their literary works of art.

This moment of togetherness takes place in the transient twilit of twilight. There are four distinct poets who are called to gather and commune, each one carrying with them dreamlike, esoteric and earthy literary offerings. Each one carries with them a visceral poetic collection that journeys back through time and place, through home, metamorphosis and generations, and through the sensorial dynamics of memory: sounds, smells and colours. Through their writings, we will discover a rare tenderness, heightened lucidity and intimate lyricism that catches hold of and draws the reader in.

Sindiswa Busuku will offer an intuitive selection of questions that will lead our poets in a collective conversation. In this online book launch, we take part in an act of sustained poetic meditation.


Moderator: Sindiswa Busuku
Poets: Nondwe Mpuma (Peach Country), Jim Pascual Agustin (Bloodred Dragonflies) (Philippines), Raphael D’Abdon (Selected Poems: 2010 – 2020) (Italy / South Africa), Zizipho Bam (Sunflowers For My Lovers)


Oct 13 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm