Home Events 25th Poetry Africa Documentary screening: A Poetics For Transformation

Documentary screening: A Poetics For Transformation

S’bo Cele – Project Editor

Daniel Sheldon – Illustrator

Nhlanhla Mngadi – Sound Production

Karen Ijumba – Researcher

Moderated by Valma Pfaff


A Poetics For Transformation is a short documentary film made from the festival video archives of Poetry Africa over the years, combined with animated illustrations, a call-and-response soundscape and photography. It seeks to explore poetry’s conscientising capacity within the broader ecology of social justice.


Through this film, we seek to harness how poetry can be linked to our universal cry for more justice: political, social, and economic by looking at how Poetry Africa performances spoke back to the underlying dynamics of global #hashtag movements.  We hope that the film will introduce emerging poets to the positioning of their artistic practice that allows them to become integral to the realisation of social justice. Our second hope is that this inspires other creatives to experiment with making content from our rich and underused arts archives.


After the screening, the panel speak about their experience in making the documentary.


Oct 15 2021


7:00 pm