Nnane Ntube


NNANE NTUBE was born in Kumba, South West region of Cameroon. She is a bilingual teacher (French and English), poet,  performer, literary activist, peace advocate, mentor and author of Litany of a Foreign Wife (Spears Media Press,  2020). Nnane Ntube believes in the power of poetry to change mindsets and in quality education.  She volunteers her services to mentor young girls, graduates and dropouts. Her dream is to have parents of her community believe in the creativity of their children and in the power of literature.  She is the coordinator of CLIJEC (Cercle Littéraire des Jeunes du Cameroun) and literary coordinator of Writers Space Africa, Cameroon chapter (WSA-C). Nnane equally serves as a reviewer of Writers Space Africa monthly magazine. In 2019, Nnane was a panelist at the African Writers Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. She currently lives in Yaounde, Cameroon. 

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