Masai Sepuru

“Humans are complicated beings and things are hardly ever just black and white, be it about race, gender, class love or war. That if we are indeed going to view the world as black and white, as sometimes we should, we must do it consciously knowing what is it we are compromising.”


MASAI SEPURU is a visual and a performing artist practising in numerous disciplines of the arts Including writing, painting, set design, directing and performing. He has won two of the biggest slams in the country back to back (Tshwane Speak out Loud and WordnSound) making him the only poet to have held both titles at the same time. He is also the first champion of the annual speak Child Slam Competition. Masai’s poetry has made a mark on and off stage. He helps organise events and gives workshops with poetry organisations around the province like Scribe-Rites and Blue Pulse. He has a degree in performing arts technology which he uses to find spaces and organise poetry events around Pretoria with an organisation namely Poetoria and Black suburbia. His passion for poetry has seen him as part of the South African State theatre incubator programme on which he created a showcase called It’s All The Sane.  He was a part of  Toxic with Kori Strange, Blurred lines and Poetoria Showcases with Neo-Soul amongst several other events. He has headlined and showcased in sessions like Hear my Voice, WordnSound, Black Labone, World of Words and Street poetry. Masai also wrote, directed and produced Morongwa, a play that showcased at the South African State Theatre and The Tx Theatre.

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