Maria Sevilla

“There is a truth, but that truth it is not one truth, but many truths. And I think that poetry is a very good way to understand that, because many times, when you read a poem and they ask you what does it mean, or what does that poem make you feel, you cannot answer only one thing, but many things —and sometimes contradictory.”


MARIA SEVILLA PARIS was born in Badalona, in the suburbs of Barcelona (Catalonia), in 1990. She studied Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona and she is doing a PhD about the only novel that Maria-Mercè Marçal (one of the most important Catalan writers of the twentieth century) wrote: The passion according to Renée Vivien. Her first book of poems, Dents de polpa (Pulpy teeth), won the XXX Bernat Vidal i Tomàs literary award, and in 2017 her second book, Kalàixnikov (Kalashnikov), won the Miquel Àngel Riera award. In 2020, she has won the 4th Carles Hac Mor literary award with the plaquette if true: false; else: true, and she has also published her first sci-fi story in the VVAA book, El porc del demà (The pig of tomorrow). Currently, she is finishing her fourth book of poems, plastil_ina (plastil_ine), which will be published in 2021. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, English, Croatian, Turkish and Lithuanian. Since January 2019 she has been one of the three event producers of the Horiginal, the oldest and most important annual season of poetry in Barcelona.

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