Diana Ferrus

“I have been writing about history, politics, identity and culture. The truth I want to highlight is that we are all human beings first, and we should strive to make that truth visible. We must challenge artificial separation, we must be able to go into our history and see how forces have separated us for their gain. We need to put always be aware of our fellow human beings and the struggles they face/faced and with awareness of our struggles faced and through that reach out. I also write for healing, and for that, I need to write about the injustice/atrocity so that I can understand what must be healed, how the injustice manifested.”


DIANA FERRUS is a writer, poet, storyteller and a creative writing workshop facilitator. Her work was published in various collections, and some serve as prescribed texts for high school learners. She visits different schools as part of the Stellenbosch University WOW project that speaks to learners about their prescribed poems. Diana also works with the Macassar Studio Light project to instil pride in its community of who they are and how Macassar was built and their role in it. Furthermore, she works with a group of women in Stellenbosch who are writing up their stories. She is also closely working with the Pniel poets who participated for the first time in the Adam Small literary festival in February 2020,  the Railtoun Foundation in Swellendam, where she presents creative writing workshops and with the Centre for the Book who has graciously helped as part of their community publishing project, to publish the first collection of poetry by Die Mengelmoes, a grassroots women writers group lead by Diana.

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