Zoliswa Mchunu

Zoliswa Michelle Mchunu was born and raised in Hammersdale, Mpumalanga Township. She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Music in 2018 with an impressive number of 9 merits certificates and an honors degree in Applied Ethnomusicology which was obtained in 2019.

Zoliswa started performing while she was in primary school doing grade 7 (2009). She then joined African Music and Dance in her second semester of her first year under the directorship of Dr. Opondo, she was than selected to be part of Ikusasa Lethu (a performing ensemble) which is when she went through training for different dances, instruments and musical genres, with this group I got the chance to travel to Seychelles and Thailand. Zoliswa was a part of Word Architect Artists. She joined Buya Africa Students Cultural Organization in 2016 which has helped her grow as a traditional dancer. She has also been a part of a Pan African ensemble group called SOMAZI. She is also part of the UKZN ensemble which performed at the Westville graduation ceremony. She also part time manages a duo DJ group known as Loktion Boys. She is also part of an ensemble group called Izimbewu zakusasa. Zoliswa has also been a part of an all-female acapella vocal group known as Amava which means wisdom in IsiXhosa.